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We have obtained industry-leading expertise in the field of construction risk management. Albert Risk Management Consultants acquired the assets of Bickmore Risk Consulting in 2019, who had acquired Ron Rakich & Associates in 2012. The team members include nationally recognized leaders in construction risk management. Combined with our already extensive experience, we now have unsurpassed capabilities in aiding clients with construction risk management issues.


Through our vast experience and expertise, we bring extensive knowledge of construction risk management theory and concepts. We evaluate the feasibility of owner-controlled insurance programs (OCIPs), and if this is our client's selected path, we help ensure they succeed. Our project auditing services can also help clients review their risk management endeavors and quantify the results. Similarly, our contractual risk transfer services are of great value to law firms, project owners, and construction firms.



Our clients represent a wide variety of public and private sector organizations, including:

  • Transportation, airport, and port authorities

  • Water and stadium authorities

  • State governments and agencies

  • Counties, large cities, municipalities, universities, and school districts

  • Large educational and healthcare institutions

  • Real estate developers and property owners

  • Law firms



  • OCIP/CCIP Feasibility Studies

  • OCIP Management  and Oversight

  • Expert Witness/Litigation Consulting

  • Contractual Risk Transfer Consulting

  • Negotiation Support

  • Audits/Reviews

  • Strategic Planning and Training



Our clients receive:

  • Independent, objective guidance, free from real or perceived conflicts of interest 

  • Clear, concise reports that are usable and serve as a basis for project decisions

  • Increased understanding of risks and associated costs

  • Risk management techniques that reduce loss and produce financial efficiencies

  • Experience that helps avoid mistakes and pitfalls

  • Increased control of their construction projects


Catherine B. Wells


Construction Risk 

Practice Leader

Tel: 916-842-5200

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