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We have advised a wide variety of financial institutions on insurable risk strategies and risk financing including:

  • Banks, including mutual and community

  • Credit Unions

  • Education Foundations

  • Non-bank Lenders

  • Private Equity Firms

  • Asset Management Firms


To compete in the marketplace, financial institutions are aggressively providing an expanding list of products, services, and electronic finance options. We help identify the risks associated with these new products and modes of accessing and managing them and assist in ensuring that they are properly covered by insurance, risk transfer or other mitigation strategies.


  • Ongoing Assistance: We work alongside our clients on an as-needed basis, which can include policy reviews, assistance with renewal negotiations, claims analysis, or general questions about the client’s insurance program

  • Insurance Audits: Oftentimes, we are hired at the board’s request to perform a comprehensive review of the client’s insurance coverages and to ensure that coverage terms, limits, retentions, and premiums are reasonable in the current insurance market.  This analysis includes an exposure review and benchmarking of similar-sized financial institutions. 

  • Loan Review: For both bank and non-bank lending clients, we provide compliance review of loans.  Depending on the client, this can include review of the borrower’s evidenced insurance to ensure compliance with the client’s requirements or a review and recommendations for improvements to the client’s insurance requirements. 

  • Merger/Acquisition: We work with clients and their brokers to ensure that the insurance program for the combined entity is coordinated properly, and that coverage is appropriate, both from a terms and conditions and limit perspective

  • Broker Evaluation/Selection: We assist clients in evaluating the services provided by their insurance broker to ensure that the services are reasonable and that the broker demonstrates an appropriate level of knowledge regarding the client’s operations and industry.  This can also include a broker procurement process to help determine the best fit for the client. 


Matthew R. Bickford

Financial Institutions Practice Leader

111 Speen Street

2nd Floor, Ste. 217

Framingham, MA 01701
Tel: 781-449-2866

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