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Our clients include a wide variety of faith-based organizations, including:

  • Single congregations, parishes, churches or synagogues, representing many faith traditions 

  • Dioceses and Archdioceses (Roman Catholic and Episcopal traditions) 

  • Other hierarchical organizations of churches and ministries (other traditions) 

  • Pools or groups involving any of the above 

  • Related service, charitable, social service or relief service organizations 

  • Related healthcare or educational institutions



  • We have worked with a Roman Catholic Archdiocese continuously since 2000. Our services include review of the insurance and risk financing program for all property and casualty exposures, implementation of increased retention of risk, assistance in joining a risk sharing pool and the creation of a captive for managing working layer losses. We also assisted with the special insurance needs of the 2009 Papal Visit, construction risk management advice relative to the restoration of the Cathedral and an assessment of the exposures to loss faced by Catholic Charities.

  • In another engagement, we worked with a historic Episcopal parish to successfully resolve its claims for damages to the church from nearby construction activities.

  • We have worked for another Roman Catholic Diocese since 1993. We have assisted with overall program design and implementation, insurance coverage archeology, sexual misconduct claim strategy, evaluation of insurance bids, negotiation of annual renewals, contractual assistance and ongoing advice to their Insurance Commission. We also assisted with insurance expense allocation and collection.

  • In a one-time engagement, we performed a claims audit for a risk sharing pool. The result was an increased commitment to internal claims management.

  • Another long-term client (since 1988) is a risk sharing pool of Catholic Archdioceses and Dioceses for liability exposures. We have assisted with reinsurance and retention program design, evaluation of capital and surplus needs as well as many other areas as directed by the board. We have been instrumental in the strategic planning process, in developing the equity return models and in broadening the risk diversification and investment activities. In 2009, we worked with the Board to form a single parent captive to handle reinsurance transactions on behalf of its membership.

  • In conjunction with our Educational Practice, we have assisted a number of faith based colleges and universities across the United States, including a number of Jesuit and other Catholic order run institutions.

  • We recently assisted a religious organization with an evaluation of its risk financing and insurance program including its own insurance purchases, its retained layers of risk and its participation in three different risk sharing groups. The resulting benchmarking and cost analysis lead to some changes in their program design.


James W. Evans, Jr.

Religious Institutions

Practice Leader

111 Speen Street

2nd Floor, Ste. 217

Framingham, MA 01701
Tel: 781-449-2866

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