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Albert Risk Seeks Input for ACRP Insurance Guidebook

March 8, 2021: Albert Risk Management Consultants is seeking input for an Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) guidebook on insurance requirements and protocols for contractual risk transfer for all aspects of airport operations. Airport risk managers and finance executives are invited to respond to a brief multiple-choice survey that will take less than ten minutes to complete.

The guidebook will document best practices for risk management by type and size of airport to protect the industry’s recovery from any further disruptions, especially from such new and emerging risks from drones, cyberattacks, the effects of PFAS, legal drug use and autonomous vehicles.

Cathy Wells and Olivia Raese, formerly of Bickmore and now with Albert Risk, are lead researchers on this effort and are offering respondents masked survey results from three peer airports as an enticement to complete the survey.

Media Contacts

Cathy Wells, Principal, Albert Risk Management Consultants

Olivia Raese, Senior Consultant, Albert Risk Management Consultants

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