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Our retail, wholesale and distribution clients span numerous product segments including:

  • Apparel

  • Audio/visual

  • Athletic products

  • Automotive components

  • Big box retailers

  • Electronics

  • Food and beverage

  • Furniture

  • Home products

  • Industrial products



We work in flexible engagements ranging from one-time projects (e.g. broker RFPs, risk assessment and insurance program reviews) to serving in an ongoing role as a integral part of the client's risk management team.

  • We often begin our relationship with clients through a risk assessment and insurance program audit to develop opportunities for improvement.

  • Clients usually continue to keep us involved on an ongoing basis helping them select their risk/insurance service providers (brokers and TPAs).

  • We also assist with annual renewal negotiations as well as policy and contract reviews.

  • Our efforts are aimed at helping clients control their total cost of risk in the highly competitive areas of retail and wholesale distribution. We help them determine the right balance of risk transfer versus risk retention. When insurance is involved we help negotiate maximum coverage for the premium expended.

  • We assist clients with contract negotiations. Leases often pose unique cost-benefit opportunities.

  • We help clients assess and manage their foreign risk exposure including use of foreign suppliers and possible product defect risks. We also help them communicate to stakeholders about which risks are insured vs. self-assumed (such as recall costs and loss of reputation). This helps prioritize non-insurance loss control and risk transfer efforts.

  • We help clients navigate and select optimal methods of dealing with the unique business interruption and extra expense issues associated with retail and wholesale. This often includes evaluation of selling price valuation on stock versus more expansive business interruption coverage.

  • We guide clients in making tough decisions about how much exposure to assume while still protecting themselves against catastrophic losses. This requires special consideration of risk concentration exposures, time element scenarios, liquidity characteristics of the business, balance sheet strength, among other factors.

  • Other key assistance areas of retail and wholesale clients include protection of customer information and evaluation cyber insurance, allocation of premium charges to profit centers, evaluating and differentiating store risks vs. warehouses, and determining where service oriented operations may present professional liability exposures.


Stuart T. Cowart

Retail / Wholesale Practice Leader &


111 Speen Street

2nd Floor, Ste. 217

Framingham, MA 01701
Tel: 781-449-2866


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